Tuesday, March 9, 2010

What are they thinking? The Raisin

This is the second installment of "What are they thinking?" where I write about crazy things my kids do that make me shake my head and wonder, What are they thinking?

This morning, Ella and I were doing a little art project while Sammy was in school.

She gasped and said, "Oh, oh, nose boogy!"

I handed her a kleenex and she blew her nose.

"Ouch!" she whined.

"Ouch?" I asked.

She handed me her kleenex with a raisin inside.

*Photo of Ella in her "Little Miss Trouble" shirt. I should have known better than to put her in it.

**Note: The raisin was from her morning snack about five minutes earlier. I left her in front of the television with her raisins to change Penny's diaper.

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