Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Eggs For Dinner

I don't much care for eggs. Never have. About once a year I'll have two scrambled eggs for breakfast, thinking they are really pretty healthy and a good source of protein, and then I'll remember exactly what I don't like about them and not eat eggs again for another year.

My kids don't feel the same way. They like eggs, at least scrambled eggs, which is fortunate for me. They are easy to make, nutritious, and good for dinner on nights like tonight, when I've managed to, yet again, forget to buy one key ingredient for every meal I have planned for the week.

Last night, we had tuna noodle casserole despite me forgetting that I was out of chicken broth. I was very proud of myself for thinking of use the broth from some chicken noodle soup and diluting it with water. No one knew the difference (until now). Today at two, I went to prepare the sweet potato enchiladas I had planned. Whoops, no enchilada sauce. I also didn't have the cream of chicken and cream of mushroom soups and the sour cream I needed to make stroganoff. I didn't have time to start the crock pot for the beef stew I'm going to make (for which I do have all the ingredients), and the pizza crust I have is frozen solid.

So, eggs it is, with some whole wheat peanut butter and jelly toast and blueberries. Not too bad nutritionally, but certainly not a gourmet meal. I guess it's a tad better than cold cereal for dinner, which happens when I'm also out of eggs.

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