Friday, March 5, 2010

Momma Had a Baby and It's Head Popped Off

Samantha and Ella were playing in the tub after their baths a couple nights ago. Samantha was playing with Ella's new bath doll, smashing it up against the side of the tub, when suddenly, the doll's head popped off!

Samantha gasped and looked at me, eyes wide, mouth in a large O shape, with a look that said she knew she was going to be in some BIG trouble. Ella looked at the doll, then started crying.

"Dolly, broken. My dolly broken," she said between sobs.

"I'm sorry Mommy, I didn't mean to do it. I'm sorry," Samantha began, trying to explain her way out of the situation.

I took the doll and put it's head back on. Big smiles all around. Ella grabbed the doll and hugged it.

"You fixed it!" Samantha yelled excitedly.

"Yes, I did," I said. "But play more gently with it. I might not always be able to fix things that get broken because you're playing too roughly with them."

Suddenly, Ella popped the head off the doll. She and Sammy both gasped.

"You broke it!" Samantha yelled. "Mommy can't fix it again!"

Ella gasped again, then started crying, again.

"I can fix it again, " I said, taking the doll and popping the head back on, "but this is the last time. If her head comes off again, I'm not fixing it. Got it?"

"Yes," they both said. Then they started making the doll pee on each other's head.


  1. This was cute :) Talking/reading/discussing about children always makes me uncomfortable. Your post however was really great. It didn't weird me out. And I checked out your 'The Characters' page and I loved all your pets. Again, I never know how to compliment children but I'll say I thought they were lovely. And I share your husband's paranoia about being stalked. Great blog!

    ~ Jaded

  2. Thanks! And thanks for being my first non-related commenter. :)


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