Friday, March 19, 2010

Sea Monkey Natural Disasters

One of the great things about having kids is being able to relive your childhood by buying them toys you loved or wished you had when you were a kid. My sister is definitely on board with this idea, having already bought Samantha an Easy Bake Oven and one of those spinning disc art things.

I have my own list of things I never had, but wished I did, and plan to buy for my girls as they get a little older: shrinky dinks, an ant farm, and a chemistry kit top that list. Also on that list are Sea Monkeys. If you don't know because you were deprived as a child, like I was, Sea Monkeys are little shrimp that you hatch in a container of water and watch swim around. At first, they're tiny, but they grow to about a half inch long and live a couple of years. You can buy toys for them and special food, or just watch them tool around. They're cool, really, they are.

While visiting my parents last week, my parents bought each of us girls a little something at the Children's Museum gift store. The girls each chose a doll, while I got Sea Monkeys. I set them up on Monday, and now we have tiny Sea Monkeys swimming around. I show the girls every day, I'm not sure if they've actually seen them yet, but they say they do.

Because the girls are still pretty young, I had to tell them not to touch the container. I pictured them grabbing it and spilling all the poor little sea monkeys all over the place. Those poor sea monkeys would experience an apocalypse.

Today was the first day to feed the sea monkeys. I gathered the girls and fed the little guys while they watched. We also need to aerate their tank, which can be done by simply blowing bubbles in with a straw. I figured the girls could handle that. I gave Samantha the straw, and she blew with great enthusiasm, so much enthusiasm that water splashed out of the tank, along with a few sea monkeys, I'm sure.

A tidal wave had hit their home. The survivors are just grateful to be alive and are hoping for no aftershocks. From now on, Mommy will aerate the tank.

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  1. Those poor sea monkeys! My best friend had turtles and sea monkeys as a kid and I remember how cute they are. Good for you for finally getting your parents to buy you sea monkeys :)


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