Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Quintessential Ella

Ella was in fine form today. On top of her game. She gave 110% today. Sent in the "A" team.

It started pre-breakfast when I was feeding Penny and heard a funny tinkling sound.

"Girls? What are you doing?"



More silence.

I finish feeding Penny. Sammy is glued to the television, oblivious to her surroundings (mental note, less t.v. time). I walk into the kitchen.


She jumps a foot off the kitchen chair, hand caught in the cookie jar (actually the sea monkey container). There is water on the table, but the container is 3/4 full still. I grab the container from her, still live sea monkeys. Good. Our new, fancy, shmancy sea monkey castle container(thanks Troy and Vivian!) is intact thanks to the small opening at the top, it is, however, missing the lid. I find that under the dishwasher.

Later, after her doctor's appointment (she has contact allergy rash on her face), I give the girls a snack of raisins. Again, I need to feed Penny and put her down for her nap. (I'm trying to get her used to sleeping in her crib for naps instead of the bouncy seat. ) I hear another sound, this time a funny rustling sound.

"Girls? What are you doing?"




Again I emerge. Again, Samantha glued to television (note to self: seriously, less t.v.). Again, in the kitchen.


She jumps, again. And then rapidly begins shoveling into her mouth the raisins she dumped on the floor from the gigantic box I just bought on Monday.

"Sorry, Mommy," she says, standing up. She walks over to the cupboard, retrieves the dust pan, and begins cleaning her mess up. (She does this stuff so often, she is trained to clean it up.)

Later, we're out in the backyard. She hands me a bird leg. Then I hear,

"Poop! Mommy! POOP!"

"Yes, Ella, I know there's poop over there. I'll get it in a minute. Just leave it alone."

Too late. She comes over with a chunk of poop on her finger. Into the house to wash up we go, Ella holding her finger outstretched like a torch in front of her.

Later, I'm feeding Penny before bed (are you sensing a theme here yet?). I come out, Samantha is glued to the television (my life is a perpetual loop). Ella has brought over her rocking lamb (like a rocking horse, only a lamb), positioned it in front of the television, standing on top of it like a circus performer standing on a horse, and poking the television, that is not yet strapped to the wall as we couldn't find t.v. straps this weekend.

She's asleep now. No more havoc until tomorrow.

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