Monday, March 1, 2010


My kids are obsessed with boogers. It's getting out of hand and really, a little gross.

Ella has a perpetual runny nose, so there is no shortage of boogers around here. Every morning, Ella wakes up, snot crusted under her nose, hair adhered to her face by booger glue. I gently peel her hair off her face, leaving little booger crumbs stuck in her hair all day. Then I tell her we need to go get a kleenex, to which she responds by blowing her nose without the kleenex, leaving big streams of snot running down her face towards, or sometimes into, her mouth. (I know, my mistake for broadcasting my intentions. And you would think I would learn not to do it every morning, but I'm sleep deprived, and its really early, and I'm not quite awake.) Then I go to wipe her nose and she moves her head, smearing more snot onto her face. Fantastic.

Samantha, not to be outdone, also blows her nose, without a kleenex. The snot usually hits her chin. Then she runs away as I try to wipe her nose, again smearing snot across her face to dry like snail trails around her face.

This repeats itself all day long. Every time I try to wipe or blow someone's nose, they both blow snot everywhere.

To add to the boogerfest in our house, Ella has recently discovered the use of her fingers up her nose. She can frequently be seen digging for treasure while watching television. A couple days ago, she pulled out a particularly large booger, displaying it to me with outstretched arm on her fingertip.

"Stop!" I yelled. "Don't move! That is a giant boogy. I'll be right back with a kleenex."

To which Sammy replied, "A giant boogy! Let me see!"

She moved toward her sister.

"Don't move, Ella! Don't touch, Samantha!" I exclaimed as I ran to the kitchen for a kleenex.

When I returned, I stopped in the doorway to observe my children. They sat, practically nose to nose, Ella's prize between them, staring intently at it. Entranced by a boogy. Such a proud moment.

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