Thursday, March 4, 2010

Mommy's Little Helper

I have been on a Diet Coke binge the last few weeks. I'm so tired, I need the caffeine at nap time, so I've been having one a day. I ran out yesterday, and fortunately, Sean needed to go to the store, so I did not have to go through withdrawal today.

When I went to the fridge this morning, there was my brand new case of Diet Coke, already opened and waiting for me. I thought, how nice of Sean to have even opened the box for me. Then I realized his actual motivation behind the gesture. He hates the way I open those boxes.

I can never get the punch part to work, so I just open the flaps on the box. At first, every time you open the fridge, a can comes rolling out. But, once those first few are placed in the fridge, it works just fine. I opened the last box wrong, and I bet it drove him crazy to see it like that for two weeks.

It's the same thing with the toilet paper rolls. When we used to actually put our TP on the wall thing, before the kids decided unrolling new toilet paper rolls all around the house was great fun, he preferred to replace the rolls. He likes them either rolling from the bottom or the top, I can't remember. I just put the thing on, and whichever way it's facing is the way it goes. Works the same both ways. But it really bothers Sean. He has to change it the right way.

There are things he does, that I just prefer to do (so they're done right). For example, I don't like the way he makes a bed. (Laying on the bed and pulling the covers over your head, then getting out of the bed is not right.)

I guess that's the way it goes in a marriage. You complement each other, between the two people, someone knows how to do everything to keep the house running. I just need to figure out what more I can do incompetently enough to have him take over.

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