The Characters

Here are the people and pets that appear in this blog regularly.  Just in case you wanted to know.

Me aka  Jessica Anne, aka Mommy

I write this blog.

Sean aka Daddy

Fellow parent and unwilling participant of this blog.  Really doesn't
like his picture here.  He thinks we'll be stalked.

Strong genes.  You may notice a slight resemblance to the kids.
I swear they're half mine.

Samantha  aka Sam aka Sammy

Age: almost 4

The oldest.  Somewhat shy around strangers, but not once
she gets to know you.  Likes princesses of all kinds.  Practices
being a princess regularly.  Seems to be good at art.

Ella  aka Bean

Age: almost 2

The middle child.  A trouble maker.  Likes to
tease and torment her older sister.  Our little ham, laughs
a lot.  Likes horses and Dora.

Penelope  aka Penny

Age: almost 3 mos

The youngest child.  Frequently tormented by older sisters,
although they mean well.  Likes eating and sleeping.

Missy  aka the dog

Age: 3 or 4

Rescued last year.  Boxer mix.  Very high energy.
Likes walks, chasing balls, and chewing things up.
Mostly patient with small people dressing her up
and rolling around on her.  Does not like
other dogs.

 King Tut  aka Tut aka the naked cat
Age: 4 or 5
Rescued in January '10.  Likes warm things, burying self
in any blanket, walking on computers when you're trying to type.
Very patient with the kids.  Allows Ella to lay on him sometimes.

Tylin  aka Princess Ty Ty
age 13
Enjoys eating.  Home body and prefers no one touch her.  Does not enjoy the
children who have disrupted our lives.  Only pet who has lived with us with no
children.  Sean got her our first year of vet school. Spoiled.

Tabitha  aka the very dilute calico aka Tabby
age 2
 Enjoys going outside and cavorting with the neighbor's cat.  Has been known to follow me on two mile walks.  Choosing to stay inside more since the addition of Tut.