Tuesday, March 9, 2010


Samantha likes to tell secrets. She understands the idea that a secret is something between some people that other people don't know. She hasn't quite mastered her technique, yet. She either tells you she has a secret and whispers so quietly and without moving her lips that you have no idea what she is saying, or she puts her hand next to her mouth to shield it from view and stage whispers loudly enough for anyone in the house to hear her secret.

We have thick, well loved Disney storybook including all the Disney movies with pictures. It no longer has a cover, the binding is torn, and many pages are torn and missing. Last night, they were fighting over who got to sleep with the book. Ella had it first, so she got it, which led to a half hour of Sammy crying. This morning, as soon as Ella let her guard down, Sammy took the book and flaunted in Ella's face, then sat down to hold it. This led to new fighting, that I promptly ended by confiscating the book and putting it on the desk.

At breakfast, Samantha covered her mouth to block my view of it, and stage whispered to Ella.

"Ella, after breakfast, you tell Mommy you need your diaper changed, and I'll get the book. Okay? Okay? You tell her you need your diaper changed. Okay?"

"Okay," came the reply.

Already, the conspiring begins.

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  1. Haha this was so cute :) I'd do the same with my sister as kids. Only, I'd tell her to fake cry till mum saw her and I ran to get whatever mum had taken over. I got caught - EVERY single time!


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