Thursday, April 1, 2010

RIP Sea Monkeys

The sea monkeys I got when we were in La Quinta have finally succumb to the forces of nature (i.e. Ella).

Yesterday, yet another day of Ella havoc, after she had finished eating dinner, Ella headed over to the table closest to the sea monkeys.

"Ella, don't touch. Look only," I admonished.

"Wook onwy, no touch?" she asked.

"Yes, look only," I said.

She then grabbed the lid off the top of the container. I told her to put it down and reached for the container to try to get it off the table before it spilled. She quickly threw the lid across the kitchen and grabbed the container.

"Ella! Put that down! It will spill and all the sea monkeys will die!" I yelled.

She looked me dead in the eye before dumping the container upside down, water washing over the table, onto Sammy still eating her dinner and the floor. There was no hope. No way to recover them. They were gone.

"TIME OUT, ELLA!" I screamed.

She ran to her time out chair and sat there until I had finished cleaning the mess.

As soon as they had spilled, Sammy started crying. Once I had banished Ella, I picked up Samantha and wiped her tears.

"Are you crying because of the Sea Monkeys?" I asked.

She shook her head no.

"Then why are you crying?" I asked.

"Because my skirt got wet and now it's dirty and I can't wear it," came her reply.

Luckily, our friends, Troy and Vivian, after reading about the previously-dead-miraculously-resurrected tank, got us a lovely sea monkey castle. So, there are still sea monkeys in our house. They are still on the kitchen table because I honestly have no other place to put them.

Ella seems to have realized her mistake. After she said, "More baby sea monkeys" and I told her no, they were all dead, she seems to understand. She points to the tank and says, "All dead".

Hopefully, she'll leave the other tank alone.

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