Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Dirty Tut

As you may be aware, we have recently adopted a Sphynx cat we have named Tut (King Tutankhamun actually, but the girls can't say that. Really, I can't either.)

Since he joined us, we have learned quite a few things about the breed. Did you know that the breed is a natural mutation? That means every so often a regular cat will have a hairless baby and someone got the idea to breed the hairless ones to create the breed. That also means, they have various degrees of hairlessness. Ours has a patch of hair right down his nose. Did you also know, the breed originated relatively recently in the U.S. and is not Egyptian as the name would suggest? It makes sense really, only in America would someone have a hairless kitten and think to themselves, I bet I can make money off of this. :)

We have also learned they are friendly, gregarious, heat seeking little creatures. He is often found basking in the sun. If you sit in our house, there's a good chance he will curl up in your lap. If you have a blanket, expect to share.

They are also dirty. Their skin gets greasy and picks up dirt from the environment. My personal theory is because they come from haired cats, their skin still produces all the oils a regular cat does. With hair, the oils keep their coats shiny and clean. With no hair, they're greasy and dirty. So, Tut gets a sponge bath weekly (because I'm not crazy enough to put a cat in the tub). I thought I'd share a picture of the dirty towel. I know it's gross, but I still thought I'd share. That's one week of grease Ella is modeling for you, one week. Yuck.

How often do you bathe your pets? Any one else have to bathe their cat?

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  1. I give Cocoa a bath every Sunday. He doesn't get too dirty but he starts to smell in five days. I can't give him more baths in a day because he looks very, very sad on Sundays (expecting his doom) I can't inflict that kind of torture on him more than once a week :)


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