Monday, April 5, 2010

Easter Earthquake!

We had a lovely Easter yesterday. The Easter Bunny got her butt out of bed at five forty-five to hide eggs outside and the girls actually slept until almost seven. They hunted eggs in their pajamas, squealing with delight each time they found a hidden egg in a funny place (like in a plant or on the slide).

After having one tiny chocolate egg before breakfast, they went into a sugar induced manic state that resulted in their candy being confiscated and made Sean and me very exhausted.

At two, we loaded up the car and went to Sean's aunt Sandi's house for Easter linner (late lunch/early dinner). The kids were again overwhelmed with Easter baskets from relatives, and had a great time playing with bubble guns and sidewalk chalk.

The highlight at Sandi's is the koi pond. The kids get to feed the koi who come right up to the edge of the pond, mouths agape, waiting for the food. They never seem to be full. The girls watch those fish for hours.

Yesterday, the girls were feeding the fish and suddenly the fish swam deeper and away from the edge. The girls complained that the fish had left, and we told them they must finally be full. Then the ground began to roll and we watched as the water in the pond shifted to spill over the side when it usually sits five inches from the top. The ground rolled like a boat for a couple of minutes (enough to make me motion sick). Then the koi returned to beg for more food, so we knew it was over.

There was no damage to anyone we know. Some of the people at the party didn't even feel it, although I find it hard to believe someone didn't feel that one. I'm not sure if the girls felt it, they couldn't articulate themselves well enough for me to know. Sean, standing no more than five feet from me, didn't feel a thing. Nor did his sister. Maybe it's genetic.

That was about the third or fourth good earthquake I've felt in my life. I do occasionally feel some small ones, but they don' t bother me much. I just can't get used to the bigger ones. The idea of the Earth moving like that, with no warning, it's just kind of scary. Give me a tornado any day. At least I know when it's coming and how to protect myself. Guess I'm still a Midwest girl at heart.

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