Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Time Out, Tut

Last night while I was in the nursery feeding Penny and Sean was getting the older girls ready for be, we heard Missy growling and snapping, and Tut replying with his own growl. Ella walked out to see what the action was all about, and we heard the growling again. Sean went out to see what was going on and make sure Ella was not hurt. Tut was tormenting Missy. He broke it up and we continued our bedtime routines.

I moved out to the couch to finish feeding Penny and keep an eye on the situation. Tut was crouched down, ready to pounce, an evil look in his eye, while Missy sat, looking out of the corner of her eye, exposing her neck submissively toward Tut. I threw a pillow at Tut, twice, to try to get him to back away, but he persisted. Finally, he pounced, growling at Missy, who dove under the coffee table to protect herself. Then Tut started in after Tabby, chasing her around and jumping on her.

When she tired of their game and retreated, Tut turned his attention back to Missy. Crouching, ears back, growling. Missy was beside herself, not sure how to respond to this little terrorist who she could easily kill, but she knew she would get in trouble for that. So instead, she sat submissively, a worried look on her face, awaiting another attack.

Tut would not go away. We threw things at him, stomped around, physically moved him, and yet her persisted. So, into our room behind a closed door he went. Time out, Tut.


  1. Oh I love your dog! She's so cute and well behaved. My dog Cocoa a.k.a CuteTerrorist would have jumped in any blanket head first leaving the rear end for the cat to snap at. Though he's cute, using his brains isn't really his thing.

    Tut sounds like the cat I'd have if Cocoa didn't cower every time I mention the WORD "cat". Haha. Good post by the way.

  2. Tut is a cool cat (when he's not walking on my keyboard, like he is now). The dog is not usually well behaved, she's dog aggressive, will growl at the kids at times, and usually keeps Tut in line. It was really weird for her to let him act like that.


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