Wednesday, February 17, 2010

A Glimpse into the Future

It's always fun to speculate about what the girls are going to become as adults based on their strengths and interests. Their blank slates right now, open to any possibility. Maybe they'll be doctors, lawyers, artists, writers, actresses, engineers. Only time will tell where their interests lie. In the meantime, I like to imagine. They're still pretty young, so it can be hard to tell what their strengths are at this point.

Penny is definitely a good eater, perhaps she will enter hot dog eating contests when she's older. She also "talks" quite a bit, maybe she'll be a news anchor.

Samantha is starting to show some real strengths and interests. She appears to be somewhat artistic (great, another Sean gene passed on). She is starting to be able to draw realistic pictures of people and she drew a really good fish the other day (almost better than what I can do). She also is choosy about the colors she uses and seems to have an eye for style. She chooses her own outfits every day, with definite ideas of what goes together. In October, a round piece of felt fell off one of my Halloween decorations. I was looking for it to throw away, and she had taken it and placed it under another decoration. It made the other decoration stand out more and worked really nicely. I kept the felt for next year. I'm feeling she may pursue more artistic tracks than Sean or I. Maybe she'll be an artist, a stylist, or an interior designer.

Ella is also pretty young, but we're starting to see some interests. She is a physical girl, liking to be outside and play games. She loves to dance. Her real skill appears to be in electronics. She can change the picture on my phone more quickly than I can, and has almost sent some text messages. She pulls apart our remote controls, and can get the batteries back in. She also manages to get my computer to do some amazing things if I forget to close it, leaving the keyboard exposed.

Yesterday, however, I caught a glimpse into her future. We were at the drive-thru for Del Taco and the employees inside kept calling out order numbers for the diners inside to pick up their food. From the back, after each number, we heard, "Yeah". She said it like a fifty year old diner waitress with a raspy voice from smoking.





It appears, with all my hopes for their futures, Ella has a strong inclination to becoming a fast food employee. Hopefully, it will just be in college to help pay for her education.

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