Monday, February 22, 2010

The Incredible Shrinking Woman

I wish this post was about how easy it is to lose the baby weight and how every time I step on the scale, the pounds are just falling off. Unfortunately, I still have fifteen pounds to go, same as last month.

I got my hair cut a couple weeks ago and dressed for the occasion, wearing a shirt that was not stained and faded, a pair of non-maternity jeans, and a pair of black shoes. I noted the shoes were really too snug and thought, my feet must have grown again during my pregnancy. They grew a half a size with Ella, so I wore size 9 instead of 8 1/2. I must be a 9 1/2 now. That was as far as the thought process went. I'll deal with buying new shoes after I lose the weight and make sure I don't just have fatter feet.

The last few days I've been noticing I'm having a harder time reaching things I used to reach easily. They just seem farther away. Again, blaming it on the pregnancy, I just figured it was a lack of flexibility and I just needed to get back into shape so I could stretch a little farther.

Then, today, I noticed Sean seemed taller than usual. I felt like he was towering over me. I must be slouching or standing downhill or something. He said he had been eating more vegetables and had grown. Then again tonight he seemed taller, so I made him stand next to me. I swear he was taller. I made him measure me.

I am now 5 foot 7 1/2 inches tall. That is a full half inch shorter than I used to be. I knew that your feet don't really grow during pregnancy, your arches fall, making your feet longer in the process. It never occurred to me that also means you lose some height. A half inch for me. I wonder how tall Michelle Duggar used to be?

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