Thursday, January 21, 2010

Apparently, I'm Crazy

I have come to this conclusion based on the reactions I get from people when I'm out in public. With an almost six week old, I am rarely out in public. So far I have gone to a birthday party and to my oldest daughter's preschool with the baby in tow. It comes to a grand total of seven times that I have ventured out of the house with all three kids by myself.

Each time, I have received at least two comments from strangers leading me to believe I am crazy. The comments include, "Wow, you're sure busy," "You're brave having three little ones," "That's a big family," and so forth. The comments aren't so bad, but the looks that go along with the comments give away that they think I am crazy. They are the same looks you would give passing a homeless person on the street muttering to themselves, eyes open wide, mouths agape, stunned disbelief.

Now, I admit, life around our house is definitely a little crazy at times. It took me forty minutes to get socks, shoes, and jackets on three little girls and get out of the house this morning. However, it's already getting easier to manage the three, and as Penny develops something resembling a predictable schedule, it will only get easier.

So, I hope I see these same people who feel it necessary to make unsolicited comments and be judgmental in a few years when I have three big girls who are in the process of developing a lifelong close friendship that they're more reasonably spaced two kids won't have.

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