Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Super Breastmilk

Samantha, Ella, and Penny all got sick this week. As usual, Typhoid Sammy brought some funk home with her from preschool. She had a 102-103 degree fever starting last Tuesday night until Friday night. I took her to the doctor Friday and was told she had mild pneumonia. On antibiotics she went. She's on the mend and acting her old self again.

I've been waiting for the other two to get sick all weekend. Finally, Sunday night they both spiked a fever. We went to the doctor with both yesterday, and Ella has mild pneumonia. Not Penny. Ella needs antibiotics too, not Penny. Today, Ella still has a 99-100 degree fever, Penny does not.

I have to ask myself why the four month old, with arguably the weakest immune system, managed to get the least sick. I've decided it must be the breastmilk. Go antibodies! Too bad the one making the milk doesn't reap the benefits as well. I'm nursing a nice phlegm-y cough, too.

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  1. Oh no!!! I hope that everyone gets better soon! Pneumonia sucks! Had it when I was 11, I remember it not being fun! And I think you're right, breastmilk is magic! Hope you don't get too sick either!


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