Thursday, May 6, 2010


I have come to the conclusion that my children are heathens. There is just no other explanation.

Today, we came home from our walk and, as usual, I let them into the backyard with the dog. I brought the stroller with sleeping Penny into the house. The baby woke up, I got her out of the stroller, and went to feed her on the couch. Our couch is near the sliding glass door to the backyard, giving me a place to watch the girls.

I looked out and saw two, stark naked children, sitting in the sandbox, rubbing sand onto themselves and into each other's hair. I'm trying not to stress about every thing and just let them be kids sometimes, so I let it be. Nothing a bath couldn't fix.

Penny finished eating and needed a diaper change. When I returned to go into the yard with the girls (and after 3 kids, I change diapers fast) I found they had scaled the lattice supports to the gazebo over the patio and were batting a decorative glass lantern back and forth, about six feet off the ground, still naked.

I couldn't let that one go as it was clearly unsafe. So I yelled at my naked heathen children to get their little booties down before they broke their necks. I was then informed that Samantha had decided to pee in the sandbox. Heathens.

My only hope is that bath tonight taught them why one shouldn't go naked in a sandbox.

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